About Us

Let me introduce myself, I'm Diana, a thirty something year old born and raised in the northeast! By the age of 25, I had been living on my own, was working four jobs, living paycheck to paycheck and just could not seem to ever get ahead. Retail, marketing, bartending, nannying, teaching gymnastics/dance, clinical rehab therapy, you name it, I did it. I was burnt the actual F$CK out! So, I woke up one morning and said...TEXAS! A month and half later, I had a U-Haul filled up, my dog in the passanger seat and I was OUT! Texas had been on my radar since high school and now was the perfect time to make a change. 

Being the work-a-holic I am, I immediately jumped right into working. But, between bartending and working for a meal-prep company, I was quickly burning myself out again. Here's where I tell you how I got into clothes....

I wanted to make some extra cash and was purging my closet, so I joined Poshmark, an online consignment app where you could buy and sell used clothing. Well, little did I know I would do so well on the app that I reached a point where they allow you to be a certified wholesale buyer and basically open up your own boutique through the app. I figured, why not give it a whirl, I was good at it and enjoyed it.

5 years later, my poshmark had become a full blown boutique, on top of still selling consignment, my entire guest bedroom had become completely taken over by clothes. At this point, I was settled in my healthcare career, working 9-5 for a medical device company and at one point a pediatric company, I even decided to finish my Bachelor's degree. But, I still wanted to do more with this clothes thing. I had been doodling at work, stealing my boyfriends iPad to mess with graphics and was just sitting of these designs I had in my head...it was like a lightbulb was flipped on...graphic tees! 

I re-activated my retail and marketing knowledge and moved quickly.

Map out your business plan...check. 

Get a shopify account...check.

Get all the legal crap done....check.

Pick your vendors....check.

The list goes on, but you get it. Now I just needed a name...

I was constantly changing my style, basically everyday for that matter, I would wake up and just put on whatever I wanted to that morning and didn't even think twice about what "style category" I was going to fall into. If I liked it, I just bought it. It didn't matter to me if it was "western", "hipster", "edgy", "preppy" or any other term used for described a look. I had no set style or "niche". I wanted to create a place where women could find a peice of clothing they loved and where they could make it their own! I also really wanted to use a playing card-ish theme, but I wanted to use an underestimated card.....So, I googled. Turns out, the red joker card does not belong to any suit and is know to stand for the beginning of a new journey. And that is how Red Joker Apparel was born. 

I'm so proud to now be a full blown casual wear line for that everyday look. But I am even more proud of the message behind Red Joker Apparel; This brand is for YOU! You can dress how you want, when you want and you do not need anyone else's approval or a style category to do so.

Look Pretty, Play Dirty